Zugspitze Panorama


Long-term observations are performed at an altitude selected set of closely collocated stations, i.e., Zugspitze (2962 m) - Schneefernerhaus (2675 m) - Garmisch (745 m). These observatories are part of international networks (e.g., NDACC, TCCON, EARLINET). Some of the longest atmospheric measurement time series have been obtained at these observatories, e.g. one of the two longest aerosol lidar measurement series of the world (Garmisch). Furthermore, the GAW World Calibration Center for N2O is operated at Garmisch (GAW/WCC-N2O), and the Permanent Ground-Truthing Facility Zugspitze/Garmisch is operated by IMK-IFU for validation of atmospheric chemistry (SCIAMACHY) and greenhouse gas satellite missions (OCO-2, GOSAT).


            Zugspitze summit                   Schneefernerhaus                             Garmisch

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